Main Benefits

No Fillers

High in Omega 3 fatty acids

Supports healthy skin, hair and hooves

Can help reduce inflammation, which can relieve symptoms associated with sweet itch/other skin conditions

Anti-inflammatory properties, can help aid arthritis or joint stiffness

Boosts immune system, can help regulate thyroid function, making it an ideal supplement for metabolic and aging horses

Healthy weight to increase weight gain in your horse

Ordering Online

( 1 ) 4 L jug   $37.50       100% Unrefined Cold Pressed Flax Seed Oil 
                                               Shipping $10 anywhere in Ontario, $15 provinces outside of Ontario
                                                            *hst is added to oil and shipping
Get 2 jugs of oil for $34 each plus shipping

How to order - send an email to feed@windyfieldfarms.com with the following information ( full name, shipping address and contact number) an invoice will be emailed, to be paid via email transfer or by calling in to office with a credit card number

                                                             Farm store pick up price is $34 + hst

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