bullet imagebullet imageWindy Field Farms is a family owned and operated farm by the Baumlisbergers  in Grand Valley, Ontario.


Field Fresh Feeds are made with the majority of the grains produced on our farm.

Our fields receive a bare minimum of herbicide and receive regular crop rotations.

  • Our facility is FREE from the following;
  • GMO's
  • Soy
  • Synthetic Ingredients
  • Animal Bi-Products
  • Hormones


We offer a wide range of animal feeds, for those interested in feeding your livestock quality feed, or even your backyard pets. All of our feed is bagged in 25 kg bags, (horse feeds 23 kg).

Bulk feed is in a poly tote, minimum orders of 600 kg, max 900 kg in one tote.



Feed Price Increase Announcement

Unfortunately due to the massive increase of grain costs and trucking, our feed prices are reflectingthese costs. Once things hopefully return to normal, our pricing will decrease again.

Check out our unique products for sale in the office next time you stop in. Ranging from fresh local honey, essential oils and products, custom home decor signs, horse lead ropes and more.