Q: Do I feed 18% Layer or the 15.5% ?

A: If you have young hens starting to lay, 18% is suggested, as it is higher in protein, and will help the egg size get larger over a few months. If you have older hens, already laying a medium to large sized egg, the lower protein, 15.5% is adequate.

Q: My hens aren't laying as much, or the egg shell quality is lower, why?

A: The most common reasons why chickens stop laying are; the hens are too old/ need to go through a molting stage. Keep in mind, in a commercial setting, hens are replaced after one year.

Your birds are getting too many scraps, or foraging too much outside, and not getting enough of their complete layer feed to help create proper yolk and shells.

Q: How long do I feed Chick Starter?

A: Chicks should be on Chick Starter for 3-4 weeks in total.

Q: Do I feed my chicks meant for laying, layer feed after starter?

A: No. After chick starter for 3-4 weeks, they then go to the 18% Poultry Grower until they are at least 18 weeks of age. After this time, they then would switch to the 18% Layer.

Q: Do I feed 18% Poultry Grower or 16% Poultry Finisher?

A: Keep in mind your birds will grow slower on the 16% Finisher.

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